Amazon SEO:
Let’s Raise Your Rankings!

It is important for Amazon sellers to be aware of the various ways to attract more clients via higher product rankings resulting in higher sales and revenue. There are a number of methods for achieving better Amazon rankings.  The simplest of all is through search engine optimisation (SEO) which each seller can easily improve. Let’s have a look at how to master the basics of effective selling on Amazon. 

There are four basic components in Amazon’s SEO:
1. Title
2. Images & Product Description
3. FBA 
4. Price

Statistics show that the majority of online shoppers change their research keywords if they do not find what they are looking for within the first few pages. By mastering these four steps, an e-seller will increase his chances of appearing at the top of these critical search results.  

Let's consider the product below (pillowcases) which appears on the first page of a search result and see how this e-seller successfully utilised the 4 steps.

1. Title

The title of this product covers a lot of detail. 

You may think that it seems redundant to have such a long title since it is assumed that many buyers will prefer to look at the actual product listing pages instead of the title. 

However, Amazon is basically a search engine, so if product titles lack similarity to customers’ search words, a listing will have less likelihood of being easily seen by a target audience. It is therefore important for a title to include as many keywords as possible.  

A search-effective title should include as much information as possible, e.g. the following: 
1. Brand
2. Materials
3. Basic Description of the products
4. Size
5. Quantity
6. Colour

2. Images & Product Description

Buyers tend to learn about product features by looking at pictures and reading corresponding descriptions. This is a key tool to help customers get a sense of what they would be buying. Moreover, it helps to build up customer’s confidence towards actually deciding to buy a product. Therefore, it is essential for e-sellers to get this part right.

It is important to choose images with high resolution, enabling usage of the zoom function and to also have a very detailed description about a product. 

3. FBA - Fulfilment By Amazon

As we have mentioned in one of our previous articles (click here to read it), products which have FBA service attached to them will have a higher chance of appearing at the top of the search engine results pages. Therefore, by using the FBA service, e-sellers will help promote their products in the rankings.

4. Price

Price is a major factor affecting products' rankings on Amazon. Note that on Amazon each given product model will only appear once.  If your price is much higher than what other sellers are offering, your product will not appear on the main search results page, but rather will be accessible only via ‘Used & New’ sub-category on the front page (see screenshot below).  Only the buyers who click on that sub-category will actually see these additional listings.  This means that the traffic to your listings will be reduced since many buyers don’t click on sub-category links. 

Note that the lowest price will not automatically grant you a guaranteed listing at the top of the search. It is just one of the factors influencing product rankings on Amazon.  You may still have a good chance to sell your products if your price is higher since such additional parameters as page visits traffic, number of previous purchases via the page as well as buyers ranking your page via assigning stars are also crucial. We shall cover these additional parameters in a dedicated article which will be available via our Blog - stay tuned! 

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